• Thai Embassy – United States

    Below are the contact details for the Thai Embassy in Washington DC in the United States of America. If you have immigration related concerns, please fill out the form provided by Siam Legal on the ri...
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  • Extension of your VOA

    Extension of your VOA

    There are different Thai visas and each Thai visa has it own procedure to extend its validity,  This is a very brief overview of what is needed to have each one extended and what the documents that y...
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  • Extension Visa : Tourist Visa

    Extension Visa : Tourist Visa

    This is one of the most common forms of Thai Visas issued by the Thai embassies worldwide. Most Thai Tourist Visas are either single entry, 60 days or double entry – valid for 120 days based ove...
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  • Extension of Thai "B" Visa

    Extension of Thai “B” Visa

    The Thai “B” or Business Visa can be extended to a one year visa in country as follows. The extension of the visa is normally based on employment and as such there are certain regulations ...
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  • Thai Child Dependency Visa

    Thai Child Dependency Visa

    Dependency would form the bases for the extension of an “O” visa.  If you have a Thai child or children you may stay in Thailand based on dependency. You would apply for an “O”...
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  • Residence Certificate Issuance

    There are 4 types of the Residence Certificate and replacement paper, which are issued for alien as follow. 1. Residence Certificate (TM. 15), red cover 2. Residence Certificate (TM. 16), dark blue or...
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