Thai Embassy – Australia

If you are in Australia you can contact the Thai embassy in Australia on the following contact details.The embassy in Canberra normally deals with any Thai visa to be issued. Speak to us online if you have more questions.

AUSTRALIA (Commonwealth of Australia)

Royal Thai Embassy
111 Empire Circuit Yarralumla,
A.C.T., 2600 Canberra
Tel: (06) 273-1149, 273-2937
Fax: (06) 273-1518


  • Dear Sir,

    On the Thai Immigration website, it says that a combination of pension payments (which I receive from the Australian Government) and money in a Thai Bank can be used to satisfy the financial reqirement of 400,000 Thai Baht for a marriage visa extension. Although I currently have the required 400,000 Baht in the bank, it would be easier for me to be able to declare the pension payments and money in the bank to enable me to use some of the 400,000 Baht for day to day living expenses.

    I live in Thailand at Khao Suan Kwang and I recently applied for an extension to my marriage visa on that basis at the Khon Kaen Immigration Office but they said they had never heard of that option and that the 400,000 Baht in the bank was the only way I could get a marriage visa extension.

    Could you please tell me which is correct. If a combination (ie bank account and pension monthly payments) is acceptable, then please tell me how I can get this accepted by the Khon Kaen Immigration Office or would I have to go somewhere else to get it.

    If so could you point me in the direction of an Immigration Office which would consider that the combination is acceptable so I can get the visa extension through that office?

    I asked the question of Siam Legal, the company Thai Immigration says handles its enquiries, but the answer I received was totally confusing and did not answer my question at all. I tried a second time but received the same response.

    I then emailed the question to the Udon Thani Immigration Office but I received no response.

    I hope you can help with this query.


    • Consultants

      We apologize for the confusion. We would love to talk to you further and explain the financial requirement for the Thai marriage visa application. Kindly leave your contact number in Thailand and we will call you as soon as we can.

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