Thailand Elite Visa Platinum Membership

If you’re looking for a way to live in Thailand long term, the Platinum Membership is an excellent choice. It also allows you to add family members at a discounted rate.

To apply, you must first complete a background check and pay the membership fee. Then, you must attend an appointment at a Thailand Elite Visa member contact center to have your visa affixed to your passport.

Platinum Membership

For those already in one of the Thailand Elite programs, the Platinum Membership is a great way to get more benefits and enhance your long-term stay in Thailand. The program offers support in completing 90-day reporting, which makes it more convenient and simpler to maintain an extended residency in the country.

Moreover, members can use priority immigration services to speed up entry and departure. They can also enjoy VIP airport services and limousine services based on their chosen package.

The membership package is ideal for digital nomads or retirees who want to maximize their length of stay in the country without paying too much money. It offers the longest stay out of all the packages available, but it is still a substantial investment at 2.5 million THB. It also comes with 55 privilege points that members can freely leverage. Applicants can also add family members to their application for an additional 1.5 million THB per person.

Gold Membership

Since October 2023, the Thailand Elite Visa program has introduced a set of membership packages that offer varying visa validity periods, privilege points, and exclusive benefits. With a range of options from the Platinum card to the elite Reserve card, each package offers a unique living experience in Thailand that goes beyond just extended time or a long stay visa.

Membership eligibility requires a valid passport that has at least one year of validity and meets other requirements for immigration purposes. Once the background check has been completed and membership fee paid, members receive a letter of approval from the Thailand Privilege Card Co. Ltd along with instructions on obtaining the visa.

The membership package includes a five-year multiple-entry visa that can be renewed three times within the duration of the card, plus perks such as priority airport services and special discounts on limo and hotel stays. It also comes with complimentary domestic flights with Bangkok Airways, premium shopping privileges, and insurance packages.

Diamond Membership

Those who crave a lifestyle filled with refined choices and unparalleled benefits can relish their desired living experience with the Platinum card. With a 10-year visa validity, this tier opens the door to a wide array of premium benefits and conveniences.

To apply for this tier, complete the application and submit it to the GSSA of your choice. Your chosen GSSA will review your documentation to catch any mistakes or missing parts, then forward it to the Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. The company will conduct a background check that may take around 4-6 weeks. Once the background check is assessed and approved, pay the membership fee.

Members can also enjoy free bank account assistance and driver’s license assistance from the company. In addition, they will receive assistance completing the 90-day reporting mandated by Thai Immigration. They can also add family members to the membership, but additional family members won’t get their own privilege points allocation.

Platinum Family Membership

Platinum Family Membership is more than just a visa, it’s a curated lifestyle of refined choices. With a 10-year validity, it gives the ultimate experience of luxury in Thailand. Those with a Non O, ED Visa or NON-Imm Visa can upgrade to this membership package for just 1 million THB per family member.

After a successful background check, applicants will be informed that their application is approved and are instructed to pay the membership fee, which is dependent on the chosen membership package. Upon payment of the fee, a Welcome letter and members ID will be sent to the applicant via email by Thailand Elite’s Member Contact Center.

The benefits of the Platinum card range from a concierge service that provides access to premium lines at airports and government buildings to discounts at leading restaurants and shopping complexes. In addition, members can use their privilege points for a variety of perks such as boat/yacht rentals and buy-one-get-one-free movie tickets.

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