Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership

The Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who are serious about living in Thailand. This unique visa solution merges the comforts of home with the exciting vibrancy of Thai culture.

Upon complete submission of documents, an applicant will receive a Welcome Letter and Membership ID via email directly from Thailand Elite. Once the member has received this information, they can schedule their first visa affixation appointment.

Long-Term Stay

The Thailand Elite Program is an exclusive long-term residency and visa program for high-earning foreign nationals. Members can earn privilege points annually which can be redeemed for prestigious experiences across the country. These experiences include dining, shopping, and tours at discounted rates.

The GOLD Package offers a 5-year multiple-entry visa at an upfront membership fee of 900,000 THB, without recurring annual fees. It also includes 20 privilege points per year for in-depth exploration of the Kingdom. The DIAMOND Package is a popular choice for digital nomads seeking to avoid visa runs or retirees looking for a more stable and comfortable lifestyle in the Kingdom. This option is available by invitation only, and offers a membership term of up to 20 years with a 5-year multiple-entry visa. It also provides 120 privilege points per year for access to the best of the country.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

90-Day Reporting

There is a lot of paperwork involved with obtaining a visa, especially a long-term visa. With the Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership, there is no need to worry about any of these things.

The Elite team will take care of this for you by submitting the report on your behalf to immigration. This is a must every 90 days, or you will be penalized for overstaying according to the Thai law.

You can also request to have an Elite Personal Liaison complete the 90-day reporting for you, which will require you to spend 2 privilege points and arrange this through the member contact center. However, please note that this is only available if your reporting date falls on a Monday, or within 15 days before the due date. If you are overdue, it is your responsibility to drop off the passport and TM47 to the head office on time. Otherwise, you will be required to pay a fine.

Multiple-Entry Visa

The elite Thailand Visa Reserve Membership offers an extraordinary range of top-of-the-line privileges. Available by invitation only, this premium package has a visa validity of 20 years and is ideal for individuals who want to live in Thailand for the long-term.

To start the application process, submit all necessary documents to your General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA). Your GSSA will review your applications to catch any errors or missing pieces. Once everything is in order, you will receive a letter of approval from the Thailand Privilege Card Co. Ltd and a member ID.

Next, you will need to pay the membership fee for your selected package. Upon successful payment, you will receive a welcome letter and instructions for having your visa affixed at the airport in your country of origin or in Thailand. The process usually takes around 30 days. Once your visa is affixed, you will have a smoother immigration experience. The EPA service will assist you in completing your 90-day reporting as well.

Unlimited Privilege Points

With a fee of THB 2.5 million, the Diamond card provides premier services for a maximum of fifteen years, eliminating visa renewal worries and providing stability for long-term stays. This tier also offers more privilege points than Gold and Platinum cards, allowing members to customize their lifestyle with services such as insurance, financial advisory, luxury accommodations, travel perks, health services, and more.

Complimentary Limousine Transfers

Each year, members earn privilege points to redeem for services and privileges of their choice based on the Thailand Elite program they select. This includes airport transfers, 90-day reporting assistance, and spa treatments.

Regardless of membership tier, all applicants require the assistance of a General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA). The GSSA will review your application to catch any mistakes before submitting it for processing. This ensures a higher success rate and reduces the risk of your membership being rejected or delayed. Upon approval, the GSSA will send you a letter of approval with instructions on how to pay your full membership fee.

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