Thailand: 90 day reporting

Thailand : 90 day reporting 90 day Reporting – Thailand

Those with an extended visa in their passport, need to report to Thai Immigration every 90 days, This is normally done in person, however Thai Immigration allows you to do your 90 day reporting via registered mail. The procedures to complete your 90 day reporting via registered mail is done as follows:

Send the following documents to Thai Immigration:

90 Day Registration

Room 311, Immigration Bureau
Soi Suan Pluu
South Sathorn Road
Bangkok 10210

Enclose the following:

– 1 photocopy of the photo page of your passport.
– 1 photocopy of the page containing your most recent entry visa.
– The original of your most recent 90-day registration receipt.
– The original of your new 90-day; registration receipt. Don’t forget to sign it!
– A stamped, self-addressed envelope to receive your new receipt.

Please allows at least 1 week for delivery of registered mail.

Your new form will be stamped as of the expiration date of your old form.


– If you have passed the 90-day limit, you must come to Room 311, Immigration Bureau in person.
– To receive a blank registration form, send a stamped, self-addressed envelop to the address above. Request form “TM 47.”


    • Consultants

      According to the Immigration Bureau, failure to notify their office or notifying them later than the set period will lead to a fine of 2,000 THB. If you are arrested for failure to notify the immigration, you will be fined 4,000 THB.

    • Consultants

      If you have a 30-day entry stamp, you are only able to get a 30-day extension. BUT if you wish to stay for 90 days, what you must do is obtain a tourist visa for 60 days from the Thai embassy in KL and enter Thailand with this visa. You can then apply for a 30-day extension at local immigration office.

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