• Extension of Thai "B" Visa

    Extension of Thai “B” Visa

    The Thai “B” or Business Visa can be extended to a one year visa in country as follows. The extension of the visa is normally based on employment and as such there are certain regulations ...
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  • Residence Certificate Issuance

    There are 4 types of the Residence Certificate and replacement paper, which are issued for alien as follow. 1. Residence Certificate (TM. 15), red cover 2. Residence Certificate (TM. 16), dark blue or...
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  • Thai Marriage Visa extension

    Thai Marriage Visa extension

    The Thai Marriage Visa or “O” visa is usually issued by the Thai Embassy as a single entry visa. That means that the Marriage Visa issued is only good for 90 days stay in Thailand upon entry. The ...
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  • Death in Thailand

    Death in Thailand : Repatriation

    If you are on holiday or an expatriate in Thailand and die while in Thailand normally your embassy in Bangkok will assist your family in returning your body back to your home country. This is rather c...
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  • Thailand Immigration

    Thailand Immigration : Basic Rules

    This is simply a reminder of some of the basic rules which are commonly broken in Thailand and which Thai Immigration takes a dim view of. The first is covered in Section 37, which states that if you ...

  • Thailand : 90 day reporting

    Thailand: 90 day reporting

    90 day Reporting – Thailand Those with an extended visa in their passport, need to report to Thai Immigration every 90 days, This is normally done in person, however Thai Immigration allows you ...

  • Thai Embassy – Australia

    If you are in Australia you can contact the Thai embassy in Australia on the following contact details.The embassy in Canberra normally deals with any Thai visa to be issued. Speak to us online if you...

  • Thai Embassy – Belgium

    The following is the current contact details for the Thai embassy in Belgium. Call them for more details. If you want to know more about Thai law and Thai visas then speak to us online today about Tha...
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  • Thai Embassy – France

    Paris is home to the Thai embassy in France. If you have questions about a Thai Visa, business visa or marriage visa then speak to us online today about your interest in Thailand. You can also visit t...
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  • Thai Embassy- Greece

    Here are the telephone and street address of the Thai Embassy in Greece. If you are looking for advice on retirement in Thailand or buying property then speak to us online today about your Thai invest...
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  • Thai Embassy – Hungary

    If you are looking for the details for the Thai Embassy in Hungary then the details of the embassy are listed below. If you want to know about marriage in Thailand, Thai retirement visa from Chiang Ma...
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